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Fire protection for interior and exterior environment, traditionally painted.

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Waterproof maintenance-free fire protection for natural aging.

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Woodsafe does not sell impregnated wood themselves to end customers. This is done through resellers.

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Woodsafe has come to notice that an anonymous operator in Norway is sending out misleading information to industry operators claiming that Woodsafe Exterior Fire-X/Fire Panel Nature is dangerous to handle and work with. Either way, the anonymous notifier is completely misinformed and incorrectly informed, or the purpose is to smear our partners and impersonate Woodsafe Exterior Fire-X unique features, used worldwide over more than 10 million cubic metres since the 1970s.

Woodsafe has chosen to publish both the statement and the notification (with respect for the recipient, companies and project names have been removed, otherwise it is the same as the original). The statement by Koppers Performance Chemicals is available for download and may be used by any person who needs it. Questions and queries are answered via support (at)

/ Thomas Bengtsson
CEO. Woodsafe Timber Protection AB.

Read anonymous letter Statement by Koppers Performance Chemicals


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